This is Brazilian Zen Massage. Intuition, love, and dedication define what we do. We use touch, pure essential oils and hot crystals to release pain and invigorate energy. We treat our clients as unique individuals by providing them with personalized therapy.

Brazilian Zen Massage was founded by Brazilians Roberta Moraes and Paulo Conceição, who have 20 combined years of massage therapy experience in Brazil and San Diego. Paulo and Roberta were inspired to become massage therapists because of their deep desire to support and help people feel better physically and emotionally. Roberta and Paulo consider their clients to be unique individuals and provide them with personalized treatments that cater to their needs. Love, intuition, affection and dedication define what they do.

Roberta was born in Rio de Janeiro. Roberta was a certified physical therapist in Brazil and specialized in Orthopedic Manual Therapy as well as aesthetic body treatments for over 10 years. As a physical therapist and business woman who was raised in Rio, the carnival city where sculpting one’s body is a priority for many, she became a specialist in therapeutic, relaxation and body scuplting massage. She moved to San Diego four years ago, where she has continued her massage therapy training and practice. Dedicated and friendly, Roberta always is ready to provide the best service possible to each client.


Paulo was born and raised in Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. He has been a professional massage therapist for over 10 years. Before moving to San Diego three years ago, he owned a spa on Ilha Grande, an island on Rio de Janeiro’s coast. His experience on the island and in other areas of Brazil, and his passion for sports, specially soccer, makes him a specialist in relaxation, body sculpting, and sports massage. Super-charismatic, Paulo is the type of guy that goes beyond the call of duty for his clients.