Signature Brazilian Zen Massage

  • 60 min – $100
  • 90 min – $140


It is a home-style holistic massage which combine Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue with pure essential oil associated to hot crystals with a Brazilian touch.

The Brazilian Zen Massage’s prescription for keeping your mind and body free of stress, creating balance and harmony. Our incredible signature massage is specifically designed to relax the muscles, to rejuvenate the body‘s energy, and restore harmony and balance.

The treatment begins with hot stones to massage the feet and release tension.The combination of swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu massage relaxes all parts of the body and releases stress. During the massage, hot crystals and acupressure is applied to various points to stimulate energy flow, to rejuvenate the body.

A special blend of essential oils are used restore harmony to the body. The new spa favorite, you will feel revitalized, and ready to handle the world. This modality of massage increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation, balance energy, relieving stress and easing tension and muscle pain.

If you are looking for a complete body work, that release pain, stress, toxins and balance your energy, Brazilian Zen Massage is the massage that you need. It is your personalized therapy!